The Fake Victoria’s Secret Consent Line

Holy crap, I can’t believe this happened:

So, a website called Pink Loves Consent has blown up the last few days with supporters and Victoria’s Secret customers who thought the company had come out with an amazing line of anti-rape, pro-consent panties. However, VS had NOTHING to do with the website, line, or the ‘Join the Consent Revolution’ campaign. When asked about the site, a spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret said, “This is not an official PINK campaign,” a Limited Brands (which owns VS) “We are looking into it.” And that’s pretty clear when you go to the Pink Loves Consent website and see that the models are of many shapes and sizes, as well as many women of color. The site also has multiple pages dedicated to education of consensual sex, sex advice, dialogues about masturbation and orgasms, as well as rape facts and myths. Eeee this ‘fake’ site is unbelievably amazing!!:

Then we loved styles that were all about rape culture. Now we love styles that are all about consent! Catch the changes hitting stores this holiday season.

So the geniuses behind this campaign is the organization Force: Upsetting Rape Culture, the same people who projected ‘Rape is Rape’ on the US Capitol Building the night before the election. I’m wondering what’s going to happen since they actually put ‘Victoria’s Secret’ on the top of the website, but nevertheless, they are so brave and wonderful for creating this campaign and outing a company that’s had a history of racist behavior and supporting rape culture. Now, here’s hoping these panties actually get made!

3 thoughts on “The Fake Victoria’s Secret Consent Line

  1. I wish that those were real. Seriously, if any major retailer sold consent is sexy underwear, they would have a niche market and a huge campaign with pre-made publicity. Why don’t they actually do this?

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