How Do You Fight?


“I Fight Rape Culture by wearing whatever the fuck I want!!”

I love this answer. Some people have shown confusion on how wearing whatever she wants is fighting against rape culture. As women, we are constantly being criticized for what we choose to wear… It’s either too slutty or we’re a prude. And then if a woman is raped, they are often questioned on what they were wearing. If the clothing was revealing, “they were asking for it”. This all plays into the victim blaming and rape culture within our society. By wearing whatever we want, we’re fighting against expectations and stereotypes of women.

Please send in those pictures of your own response! How do you fight against rape culture?

One thought on “How Do You Fight?

  1. It is fine to wear whatever you want, just please understand that there are predators who look for targets of opportunity, This is not to say that the clothes you wear make it ok for you to be victimized, however knowing that you do not live in a bubble please do take necessary safety precautions when wearing, what some predators may see as ,easy access clothing.

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